The Key Lime

Feb 2

Oh hey there Planned Parenthood,

I heard about you and Suzie Komen. That really sucks. But, not for nothing, I think Suzie needs to take some time for herself and get her priorities straight.

I know you and the thousands of women who need to be screened and treated for breast cancer are hurting right now. And you thought Suzie was there for you. But I guess she isn’t.

But it’s ok.

Look, I know I alone can’t replace Suzie. I’m just not as (financially) endowed - I get that. It’s cool. But here, have $25. You don’t have to get me back. Sure, it won’t buy much, but hopefully it will help give someone peace of mind.

I just think you’re really cool Planned Parenthood. Let Suzie be a fickle flake, whatever. I’m behind you, 100%.

Your friend,
The Key Lime

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